3D printed copper components for industrial use

3d printing copper


Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity make copper an interesting material for industrial applications. Typical ones are heat exchangers, electronics, and other applications that require conductivity. Printing as a manufacturing method brings freedom of form to the material.

Printing copper has been perceived as challenging, as it requires just the right power conditions due to its high thermal conductivity. Components with excellent conductivity values are made of pure copper by combining the printing process developed by EOS and the right heat treatment.

Printing can be enhanced by alloying copper. EOS offers an alloy CuCrZr. With alloys, the conductivity values ​​deteriorate somewhat compared to pure copper.

We at Delva are satisfied with the copper printing test results and offer our partnership for industrial printing needs. We support the identification of components to be printed, design, necessary testing and we deliver components according to the customer’s wishes. As the customer needs for printed copper components increase, copper will also be printed locally at our production plant in Hämeenlinna.

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