We support you throughout the process

We offer a comprehensive service for additive manufacturing products, from idea to ready-to-use components. AM is just one step among others; the biggest work is done when designing. We support building of expertise in our customer companies. That way, the potential for AM is discovered and the components can be designed more quickly and easily. When working in close cooperation from the very beginning, our customer gets the most out of additive manufacturing. In this case, we combine the customer's knowledge of the requirements and limitations of the components and our expertise in AM. Fast and easiest way to get a good component.


Design and modeling

  • 3D design and modeling services.   
  • Modifying existing products for additive manufacturing.
  • Optimization of components and merging of assemblies.
  • Designing a new product from idea to finished product.   
  • Utilizing 3D scanning for spare parts.


Design is the most important part of the AM process. When designing and modeling the product correctly, you can make the most of the benefits. When designing products for metal AM, it is important to first think about the purpose and function of the product. This allows you to design the material only where it is needed.

Training and consulting

  • General additive manufacturing technology training sessions.   
  • Professional training tailored to the company's targets
  • Mapping products suitable for AM.   
  • Workshop and brainstorming events, where the customer's deep knowledge of products and processes is combined with our knowledge of additive manufacturing.
  • Demanding computing and simulation for a part, eg. strength or flow calculation.

Design, training, and consulting services are provided by Delva or in collaboration with a partner network. With training and consulting services, we offer our customers the opportunity to think about their current product manufacturing in a new way. With our help companies are able to identify their potential to utilize AM in components, assemblies and, for example, production process tools.

Metal additive manufacturing

  • Metal additive manufacturing services.   
  • High quality metal parts that can be used directly in the application   
    • prototype serial production.  
    • with the choice of material best suitable for the application.  
    • required test rods and projects.

Depending on the product and the need, we are able to implement additive manufacturing from single items to larger series. We focus on metal AM and increase its benefits by using also special, not so usual materials. We offer quality in all cases and we can choose the right material for any component.

Post-processing and quality assurance

  • Shot peening.   
  • Heat treatments.   
  • Machining.  
  • We manufacture quality and provide the necessary documentation for quality assurance.

In serial production, the role of post-processing and quality assurance is emphasized. When making large lots, it makes no sense to test all products. We ensure quality with production machine and material selection and with proper process monitoring. Machining and other post-processing are produced by us and through our partner network.

Challenge us. We manufacture any component for you *.

*within reason