We are your experienced expert and partner in industrial additive manufacturing.


Delva was established in 2017 with a solid background in metal printing, mechanical engineering, and the steel industry. Our operation is focused on quality and aiming at substantial growth. Our close and in-depth cooperation with engineering offices, universities, and research institutes support our goals.

Quality and sustainability are our cornerstones. We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

We print for tough use.

Metal printing is with less but smarter, throughout the whole life cycle

We advocate and promote additive manufacturing with our ecosystem as we know this technology brings significant possibilities and a competitive edge to the industry. We make parts for tough use and offer a wide range of services in metal additive manufacturing (AM). All this with industry-oriented know-how and attitude.

Our environmental policy

Metal printing as a manufacturing process supports sustainable development efforts. We actively work with our customers to create solutions that reduce their carbon footprint and increase their carbon handprint throughout the life cycle of their products.

We have identified and considered the environmental impact of our operations and take responsibility for continuous environmental improvement. We operate in a pollution prevention manner following legislation, regulatory requirements, other stakeholders and ISO 14001 requirements.

We minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We educate and encourage our staff and stakeholders to recognise and consider their work’s environmental impact and to work responsibly.

Our Ambition at Delva


At Delva, we strive to play a notable role at the forefront of the metal additive manufacturing industry.

We know what tremendous possibilities metal additive manufacturing (AM) offers and what numerous challenges this technology can solve. Our ambition is to advocate the benefits and possibilities that metal AM enables.

Together with our industrial ecosystem with a wide variety of capabilities and areas of expertise to offer, we push the AM industry forward by challenging boundaries with technological innovations and market-leading solutions.

Metal 3D printing is advanced with funding from the Leverage from EU

Delva is resolutely developing metal 3D printing and investing in both know-how and in capacity. Therefore, support from the European Regional Development Fund is of significant importance for a growth-oriented company.

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