Additive manufacturing for tough use

Delva is printing for industrial needs. We offer a large range of services in metal additive manufacturing (AM). All this with industry-oriented know-how and attitude. We take AM seriously. We make parts for tough use.




Additive manufacturing for industrial needs

Additive manufacturing is an industrial process. It produces pieces that are free to form but have mechanical properties that meet the industrial needs. The AM components are durable as such. Various post-processing methods improve properties further. Taking advantage of the potential AM has and the versatile material offering will ensure your competitiveness also in the future.

When is additive manufacturing a better option?

Additive manufacturing produces complex components that are difficult or even impossible to produce with traditional methods. If the component is simple in geometry and can be easily and quickly machined, it rarely makes sense to use AM. Additive manufacturing is at its best when the starting point is solely the purpose and the functionality. This way, the component is designed without any machining or material limitations.

Comprehensive support

Delva will support you throughout the process. We help you with the design and produce components that meet your expectations, with consistent quality.

Additive manufacturing for many purposes

Metal additive manufacturing is suitable for many purposes. AM components have properties corresponding to metal standards. The outputs are consistent and durable. AM is very suitable for structures difficult or even impossible to manufacture with traditional production methods.

Benefits of additive manufacturing


New possibilities

AM does not limit design. Almost any design can be produced with it. And making changes is easy.


Reduces need for assembly

AM can be used to build entities that with other production methods would include assembly.


No joints

AM products do not have joints that could impair the durability of the product.



AM is more advantageous than traditional production methods when a product is difficult to manufacture.

Challenge us. We manufacture any component for you *.

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