Tool Steel MS2 for Metal 3D Printing


Tool Steel 1.2709 steel is an improved version of MS1 tool steel and is easy to polish to a level of A2.

Tool Steel 1.2709

At Delva, we use EOS Tool Steel 1.2709 that is an ultra-high-strength tooling grade maraging steel for demanding applications, high-performance steel for series tools, and offers excellent mechanical properties. With a hardness of around 57 HRC, it is particularly suitable for mould inserts, tooling production, and other end-use components requiring extra strength. Parts show excellent mechanical properties and fatigue strength. The material is heat treatable to various needs to obtain application appropriate hardness and strength. Heat treatment of the material improves hardness and stability, and hardened pieces are easy to work with spark machining and can be polished easily up to class A2.

Typical applications:

Injection moulds

Tools and equipment 

Structural components requiring high tolerance

Main Characteristics:

Ultra-high strength and hardness

Properties adjustable with different heat treatment

Excellent fatigue strength

Good machinability

Typical Part Properties

Chemical composition in compliance with
Ultimate Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation @ Break
Hardness, HRC
2250 MPa
2160 MPa
3.5 %

Delva uses metal powders that are designed and tested for use on EOS’ metal 3D printers. All EOS Tools Steel powders have an inspection certificate (according to EN 10204, Type 3.1) showing the results of the extensive QA testing. Not only of the powder itself but also of test parts built on a dedicated system with a specific process.

3D printed Tool Steel MS2

Tool Steel 1.2709 is very strong and with a strength of approx. 2200 MPa is this material suitable for commercial end-use components that require extra durability. To perform according to specific requirements, can the hardness and strength of this material be modified with different heat treatment cycles.  Even when hardened, is this material highly machinable and can therefore be machined as needed.

The properties enable successful use in diverse applications, including injection molding and cold and hot working. This material is ideal for functional metal prototypes, small series products, individualized products, or spare parts with high tensile strength.

Tool Steel 1.2709 steel is an improved version of MS1 tool steel. With a hardness of 57 HRC and unbeatable strength can this 3D metal easily be recommended for even the most demanding applications.

Worth noting that Tool Steel 1.2709 is well suited to use for even the most complex injection moulds where the surface finish needs to be excellent. Tools Steel MS2 is easy to polish to a level of A2.

At Delva, we use a validated process for printing that offers an optimal combination of parameters (e.g. laser power, layer thickness, etc.) to ensure that we consistently achieve the properties of the 3D printed parts.