Aluminum AISi10Mg for 3D printing


Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, and the material used in 3D printing has good strength properties considering the lightness of the material.

Aluminum AISi10Mg

AlSi10Mg is an aluminum alloy suitable for various applications. This material has good mechanical properties and is durable and lightweight. The quality of the 3D printed material is recognised to excel that of the cast AlSi10Mg aluminium. We can modify the strength properties of AlSi10Mg by changing the post-processing heat treatment. Aluminium is easy to post-process and to polish to good surface quality.

3D printed aluminium is a cost-effective alternative for prototypes and small series. The material is a good fit for, for example, parts where you want to test the functionality of a specific shape.

Typical applications:

Heat exchangers 

Electrically conductive components 

Light yet strong structures 

Robotic tools, grippers 

Replacing casting 

Main Characteristics:

Good strength, hardness and dynamic properties 

High corrosion resistance

Properties can be modified with heat treatments

Good thermal and electrical conductivity

Typical Part Properties

Chemical composition in compliance with
Ultimate Tensile Strength
460 MPa
Yield Strength
245 MPa
Elongation @ Break
5 %

Delva uses metal powders that are designed and tested for use on EOS’ metal 3D printers. All EOS powders have an inspection certificate (according to EN 10204, Type 3.1) showing the results of the extensive QA testing of the powder itself and also test parts built on a dedicated system with a dedicated process.   

3D printed Aluminum AISi10Mg

Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, and the material used in 3D printing has good strength properties considering the lightness of the material. The duration of dynamic stress is adequate. AlSi10Mg is suitable for use at relatively high temperatures and has good corrosion resistance. Due to these characteristics, it is a good material, for example, in applications requiring heat transfer.

The strength properties of AlSi10Mg can be modified by changing the post-processing heat treatment. Therefore, depending on the necessary characteristics or the needed properties of the component, the part toughness can be increased by slightly reducing the strength. Aluminum is easy to post-process and can, for example, be polished to good surface quality.

Note that AlSi10Mg can be coated, for example anodized. Ask us more >

The Aluminum we use at Delva is gas-tight, like all other high-quality metal 3D materials we use. Thus, it is safe to use this material for different burners and nozzles.

At Delva, we use a validated process for printing that offers an optimal combination of parameters (e.g. laser power, layer thickness, etc.) to ensure that we consistently achieve the properties of the 3D printed parts.

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