Metal 3D printing is advanced with funding from the Leverage from EU


Delva is resolutely developing metal 3D printing and investing in both know-how and in capacity. Therefore, support from the European Regional Development Fund is of significant importance for a growth-oriented company.

Growth will not take place without the continuous deepening and expansion of expertise. There is a need for an attitude that allows borders to be broken and courage to invest in machinery, equipment, and people. Delva is doing all this with determination, and we continuously have ongoing projects pending. Our strong roots in the manufacturing industry ensure that development is driven by industry needs and aimed at measurable benefits and new business opportunities. Investments in production equipment ensure that promises to customers are kept, and Delva contributes to supporting companies’ transition to more sustainable and internationally competitive solutions. Building an actual competitive advantage requires courage, visionary – and like-minded partners.

Metal printing is capital-intensive manufacturing and therefore strongly challenges new actors in the industry. At the turn of the year, Delva received a positive decision on an extensive project application from the Hämeen Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The project has provided Delva Oy with new technical information and know-how for 3D printing and its ancillary functions and supports investing in production capacity and internationalisation. Increasing knowledge and skills related to the development of printing and post-processing of demanding materials, such as nickel steel Inconel 939, and the development of specific printable structures that are highly innovative for mechanical engineering and simulation simulation simulation of printing. The investment-related part of the project grant concerns the equipment investment announced by Delva in September. The project will continue until September 2022.

Delva has perceived the cooperation with the Hämeen Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment as smooth. The conversational connection has always been constructive and open. This kind of support enables companies to grow and develop, strengthen their competitiveness, and succeed domestically and internationally.