Delva Oy starts 3D printing of metals in Hämeenlinna


EOS printer delivered at Delva Oy’s production facilities

Delva Oy has just received the first metal printer in its production facilities in the industrial area Moreeni in Hämeenlinna. The machine is a mid-size machine EOS M270 and starts Delva Oy’s production machine series. The second printer, EOS M290, is scheduled for delivery in September 2019.

CEO Jarmo Kastell is delighted to start the production: “We have worked closely with the Finnish industry to develop printable products. Once the machine is installed, production can start.”


New opportunities for developing industrial competitiveness

3D printing of metals is still an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of companies that is in limited use in Finland “The printed metal components have comparable mechanical properties to those produced by traditional methods. However, they are free in shape. This gives product development a whole range of new opportunities to make better products. Printing also supports the goals of sustainable development and the circular economy” says Markku Lindqvist, Chief Technology Officer of Delva Oy.


Deliveries begin

Deliveries will begin in the coming weeks. In addition to printing, Delva Oy’s additive manufacturing chain includes training and consultation, design, finishing of printed components, and quality-related testing and documentation to meet customer needs.



For more information:

CEO Jarmo Kastell, + 358-50 3143487,, www.linkedin / companies / delva-oy