Go further smarter and with less – Snowsus at Delva´s booth at the Pohjoinen Teollisuus event on the 18th May, 1 p.m.


Metal 3D printing as an integral part of the range of manufacturing methods creates new opportunities. It allows us to go further smarter and with less – like Snowsus, which decided to use metal printing for its advanced suspension solution. With the right choice of material, we can multiply the benefits of metal printing.

Snowsus Oy is a company developing new, patented snowmobile suspension systems. It powerfully creates new solutions and has invented a more lightweight system for suspension. Snowsus´s solution brings significant benefits in ecology, driving comfort and handling and overall cost. Delva is Snowsus’s partner for metal 3D printing. Together the companies have refined a weight and strength optimised, visually excellent component as a part of Snowsus’s solution.

In the project’s first phase, the prototype was additively manufactured of tool steel MS1. MS1 is an inexpensive printed material, enough for evaluating the functionality. In addition, MS1 is easy to join with other structures by welding. The component can be further lightened in the next phase using different materials like Titanium. Taking advantage of the high strength of Titanium, the solution will be cost-efficient and reduce the mass of the whole suspension system further.

Generally, weight is a significant factor in mobile solutions, and metal printing is also an enabler here. We can assume that following electrification, the significance of the weight is becoming even more critical; batteries and other electrical components cause extra weight, which we must compensate for by lightening other parts. Here is also the central idea of the before described solution; the range of electric vehicles is related to their weight and charge capacity. Mass reduction of off-road vehicles makes very much sense and is meaningful also from the environmental perspective.

Snowsus will be at the Pohjoinen Teollisuus event at our booth 714 on Wednesday, 18 May, at 13.00. Come and hear and ask questions about the Snowsus project and metal printing experiences. Welcome!

More information: Marja-Leena Mäkinen tel.: +358 50 4317034