Save space, reduce weight by 3D-printing – the positive effect is multiplied

Printed and machined hydraulic block.


Would you like to improve the operating efficiency, reduce the weight and simplify the assembly – all this at a reasonable cost? Our case example, a hydraulic manifold, verifies the potential.

To support the customer to create more value, Etteplan calculated and developed the design. Together with Delva, the design was optimized for printing. Delva printed, heat-treated and the final machining was carried out by our co-operation partner. The whole process showed true networking. And for the customer, all this support from one hand.

There is a lot to gain. Start improving your performance, reduce the needed space and the weight. By optimizing the structure and the material used, a fraction of the size and mass of the original part has been reached in numerous examples. However, performance has not had to be compromised at all, on the contrary, efficiencies have been improved. The positive effects are not limited to the component to be printed. As is known, when the weight at the end of the rod is reduced, the effect is multiplied in the main body of the machine. This way we enable smaller and lighter machines and equipment across the board. This, together with improved efficiencies, significantly reduces energy consumption. These are all our common goals.

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