Inconel available for 3D-printing from Delva – optimised materials for more benefits


In many applications, corrosion resistance is of great importance. As the only domestic operator in the Finnish printing market Delva Oy has introduced Inconel 718, a nickel alloy, as an alternative for stainless steel. Later, the Inconel 625 will be available too.

Stainless steel is a familiar choice for many. Stainless steel contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium, which forms a self-repairing oxide layer on the surface of the product. lt is suitable for printing, but the features achieved with Inconel are better than with 316L. The yield strength of Inconel 718 is around 1200 MPa, Inconel 625 of 650 MPa, while 316L has only 250 MPa. The PRE-number for corrosion resistance is 52 for Inconel 625, 27 for Inconel 718, and 26 for stainless 316L.

The parts printed from Inconel 718 are near to 100% dense and have the same material characteristics as conventionally manufactured parts. Delva has also printed threads from Inconel for tensile testing and has begun collaborative research to verify weldability. The Inconel 718 is a great example of materials worth thinking about – outside the box.


Overview of 3D printing

Printing does not replace traditional manufacturing methods but offers great new opportunities. By printing, we can create unprecedented, optimal structures that bring benefits to equipment construction, equipment use, maintenance, and subsequent recycling. However, taking full advantage of the benefits of printing requires new thinking and insight. We at Delva are talking about doing a headstand or driving a hybrid car – the view is new, and the old laws no longer apply. This may be challenging at first, but soon new opportunities will open up. It is important to get started and give it a try.

Delva is also strongly in favor of hybrid printing. We print on a machined part and provide with extremely cost-effective solutions. Repair printing is also possible.

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